Our Story

Our Story

Typically when you hear "Our Story" you think of husband and wife. However, this "Our Story" is different. This story is about a mother and daughter.

It all started when a teen version of myself was crying on the bathroom floor. As I sat there in tears, I asked myself “How in the world am I going to support myself let alone a baby”? Am I going to be another statistic? Of course I will be another statistic, what would make me different? I have dropped out of college and no real direction for my future. It would be a simple and boring story if that road led me straight to "Confident&True". Fortunately, I changed my path, with a few failures built in. For me, failing is easy. I have failed so many times in life with relationships, goals, vision boards, you name it I failed it. I think that's what makes a journey so beautiful. The perseverance. With all my failures, I have had several success stories. I married my husband, who was the "boy" next door. Thankfully, he is supportive in all of my crazy dreams. I have 2 healthy children. I graduated from University of Cincinnati with a degree in Applied Science. I currently work part time as a dental hygienist. As much as I love educating my patients about oral health in connection with the rest of their body, my true passion is fashion. I have always loved putting outfits together especially for others. I always wanted to have the perfect outfit for every occasion (something my husband doesn't understand). 

My daughter, Addilyn, had a project a few years ago about her future and what she wanted to do. This is where we found out we both had the same dream. Our dream is to have a successful boutique we can build together. One thing I always told my daughter is " be confident in what you do and stay true to who you are" these words are what we live by. I believe it is important for our younger generation to understand their self worth.

My hope is to run a successful business and teach my daughter no dream is impossible. This will be a B&M one day. I can’t wait to watch the future unfold. We hope to provide our customers with affordable, fashionable, and trendy options. Lastly, thank you for supporting us through our journey.


Confident&True has become a reality. As we start to build our dreams in our business we hope you come along for the ride. You can expect great clothes and accessories. Always remember to stay confident and true to yourself AND LOOK GOOD DOING IT. 

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